Dear Sir/Madam,
We regularly conduct our skill tests through Talent Search united Examination once in a month. This exam is conducted strictly.

We have to monitor the examination process in all the test centers across the country. So we are requesting the interested people like you to join us in conducting the talent search test successfully.
You are requested to help us by acting as an Observer for the skill test in your city/town in one of the test centers/schools.

We will pay as honorarium for acting as an Observer. We perfectly understand that your services can’t be hired for freely so we kindly request you, with no offence.So we also request you to accept our proposal to fulfill our talent search mission of helping the students’ community to make them smarter in fundamentals.
If there is any problem you can inform us as soon as possible, if the timings are not suitable for you at the examination time. You can re-arrange any other person with sincerity for this responsibility at the examination center. We will inform you the details of exam date and test center 7 days before the exam..As per APPLIES TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Contact Details

Phone: 040- 66232111 ( 32 lines)