• Good creative competition Process for preschoolers with Eco-friendly Environment. This competition makes them finding joy in acquiring knowledge by participating in “LITTLE CHAMPS”.
  • Every buddy artist can find a lot of recognition and appreciation on their talent and here opens a new way to participate in “BUDDING ARTIST”.
  • Acquiring knowledge is like finding treasure box from the knowledge of different parts, and you can measure your treasure of knowledge by just participating in the Quiz of “KNOWLEDGE AROUND”.
  • Smart competition creates smart ways to solve a problem and it helps to analyze our knowledge in mathematics, by just participating in “UNITED MATH’S TALENT SEARCH (UMTS)”.
  • 3ban
    Every student and individual can participate in this USTS competition on areas of scientific concepts that adds simple steps to participate into. “UNITED SCIENCE TALENT SEARCH (USTS)”.
  • we recognize the toppers and winners by representing cash prizes and certifications, just participate and win our prestigious "AWARDS"

About Us

We test your potential, we make you achieve, and we give you the success in our competitions with the honor for students and recognize top 100 schools.C&N business network Pvt.Ltd is providing prestigious awards through talent search united to the recognized schools and students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide good competition of knowledge to students and schools make them more inspired, we encourage students through allotting prizes and medals.

Our Vision

Mainly we focus on conducting events on student’s and schools desired talents competitions and we encourage them to reach higher levels of achievements.

United Talent search is a professionally managed progressive organization in the field of education.It was involved by C&N business network Pvt.Ltd,Talent search united has brought together, the best masters in the field of education, in an endeavor to make our younger generation smarter like android brains. Here involves C&N business network Pvt.Ltd venture and here it was having keen involvement in Talent search united. Here we conduct competitions for schools as well as students for competitions and we recognize them with awarding for top 100 schools by our experts.

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